Text processing & Audienca

How can Audienca be used for analysis in a text editor (Word, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, etc.)?

Perform a text analysis using Audience after TwentyFive

Text sections in any text editor (e.g. Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, etc.) can be indirectly subjected to a TwentyFive -text analysis using Audienca. For this purpose, the analysis can be performed through the text input field on the page . This can be easily executed with an additionally opened web browser.

<em>Step 1</em>: <strong>Open additional WEB-Browser</strong>

Step 1: Open additional WEB-Browser
Firstly, open a WEB browser and go to the page .

<em>Step 2</em>: <strong>Select section in text editor</strong>

Step 2: Select section in text editor
Select the text section to be analyzed in the text editor and copy it to the clipboard.

<em>Step 3</em>: <strong>Paste text from clipboard into Audienca</strong>

Step 3: Paste text from clipboard into Audienca
Then, paste the text from the clipboard into the input field on the Audienca page.

<em>Step 4</em>: ** Start and view Audienca analysis**

Step 4: ** Start and view Audienca analysis**
Click on the Start button to start the processing and view the analysis results.

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