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How does Audienca work?

Audienca uses the TwentyFive method to analyze short texts. AI-based analysis generates a clear and easily understandable report describing the personality type and the basic needs addressed by the text.

Why is this useful?

Each person has their own individual and personal motivations and basic needs. They shape our personality and influence our communication. Emotional expression allows us to be sentimental, rationality prompts us to ask questions. Assertion requires volume, and security makes us quieter. Belongingness communicates vividly, while the need for recognition makes us speak in a more factual or critical way. People differ in their communication styles. For each of us, one or two needs are in the foreground. Therefore, we tend to communicate in a more emotional way, ask questions, speak loudly or quietly, be lively or critical…

With the knowledge about the needs and motivations of our communication partners and the impact of our texts, we can optimize the latter. As a result, we speak less “past each other”, communicate more purposefully and mindfully.

How do I use the result?

The TwentyFive-Knowledge-Base provides insights into the communicative needs of each personality type. If the result of the text analysis shows a personality type that is not intended to be addressed, the TwentyFive-Knowledge-Base can be used to make corrections to the text with the help of the short and understandable hints provided.

Knowledge of the TwentyFive method and its psychological background is helpful, but by no means necessary.

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